Keystone Innovation Zone and Keystone Opportunity Zone

Two Zones that offer incentives are KIZ and KOZ’s.  Please see below for the basic definitions of these two zones.  There are numerous economic development groups that can assist in submitting a proposal to the state along with NAI who can assist in locating property within one of these zones.

What are Keystone Innovation Zones?

Keystone Innovation Zones (KIZs) are designated zones that may be established in communities that host institutions of higher education – colleges, universities, and associate degree technical schools. These zones are designed to foster innovation and create entrepreneurial opportunities. They do this by gathering and aligning the combined resources of educational institutions, private businesses, business support organizations, commercial lending institutions, venture capital networks (including angel investors), and foundations (KIZ partners) In other words, where a partnership of these organizations is formed, a KIZ is possible.

For Detailed Information about KIZ: (Interactive Brochure)

What are the basic benefits of operating KOZ?

Businesses making purchases of items subject to Sales and Use Tax – other than motor vehicles and certain real property – will be exempt from state and local Sales and Use Tax on specific materials utilized in a zone or expansion zone. Businesses will also enjoy tax reductions, exemptions, abatements, or credits in corporate taxes, franchise taxes, financial institution taxes, income taxes, and real estate taxes.

For Detailed Information about KOZ: (Interactive Brochure)

Check with NAI Keystone’s Bryan Cole to assist in finding sites within these zones and to get information on correct economic development and state contacts.

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