Are Sensors the Key to Social Distancing in our Offices?

After months of being out of the office, returning back to work is a bigger issue than it seems.

The idea of heading back into the workplace is daunting for both property managers and building occupants alike. While some of us have already made the transition, even those teams currently in the office are in need of new protocols. Keeping everyone safe for the long term during these challenging times requires the office sector to form creative solutions.

Thankfully, offices have technology on their side. Cutting-edge technologies are making the impossible, possible – and it’s sparking hope for offices.

Tech and COVID

Throughout the pandemic, technology has been the industry’s response to coping with the onslaught of new challenges.

Technology played a special role for both offices and their newly remote teams. When team members couldn’t come into work, online project platforms and video calls kept business afloat. When the freshly-vacated buildings were struggling to balance utility consumption, data tech helped monitor and regulate usage. There’s still a pressing need for enhanced collaborations with technology to promise safety and security for office tenants.

A Need for Social Distancing

Within the office, the largest concern that’s weighing down on recovery is social distancing. Offices are filled with high-touch areas, such as entrances, restrooms, and elevators. Keeping these areas consistently clean and sanitized requires a level of precision that goes beyond human capacity.

Traveling to and from the office every day adds even more stress to social distancing concerns. As we all know from experience with the pandemic, it only takes one person to spark an outbreak. Accurate testing of building occupants paired with proper social distancing is a must for the future of office assets.

Unfortunately, these necessities are easier said than done. However, some offices are trying out a tech tool to regulate social distancing within the workplace.

Giving Sensors a Whirl

Some office property owners are putting their faith in sensor technology to keep office workers socially distant. It might sound a little crazy – but it might just be crazy enough to be incredibly effective.

The most difficult aspect of the social distancing system is that it requires full compliance. Social distancing measures need to be followed correctly. There is no room for human error. It’s one thing to put signs up and email the procedures, but a handful of friendly co-workers that feel comfortable with each other can quickly deviate from the rules.

Fortunately, technology isn’t swayed by feelings or passing moods. Smart technology tools can help team members avoid these lapses in protocols to foster a safer and healthier office environment.

Sensors programmed with social distancing guidelines can alert team members when the protocols have been breached and the building’s occupants are at risk. This system reinforces the need to keep an appropriate distance while helping team members grow accustomed to these new rules.

Right now, sensors are becoming a promising solution to social distancing at the workplace. What are your thoughts on this new tech trend?